Tim and Nick

Tim and Nick                                  by Maren Cecil


Nick and Tim eat breakfast.

Tim is a little boy. He has a brother named Nick. Tim is 7 years old and Nick is 4.

Timothy has a disability. Sometimes he has trouble doing things by himself. Nick can do

lots of things by himself. He likes Tim and Tim likes Nick right back. Nick likes to help


One morning, Nick helped Timothy get breakfast. When Tim wakes up, the room

is light. Bright sunshine is coming in the window.  It is morning. Tim gets out of bed and walks over to his door. He wants to leave, but the door is shut. Timothy cannot open the door. He puts his hand on the knob, but nothing happens. He puts his mouth the knob, but the door does not open. He yells at the door. The door is still shut.  Timothy sits down to wait. Soon, his brother will wake up and open the door.  He does not have to wait a long time. Timothy’s brother, Nick, heard Timothy’s yelling and woke up. He opens the door and Timothy leaves the bedroom.

Nick says, “Tim, come on, Tim. Come on.” Timothy follows Nick up the stairs

and into the kitchen. Mommy is not in the kitchen. Tim climbs onto a big chair. Nick

opens the pantry door. “Let’s have cereal, Tim” he says. He gets out the bag of cereal and

puts it on the table. Tim waits. Nick opens the bag and grabs a big pile of cereal for Tim.

He puts it on the table where Tim can reach. This cereal is Timothy’s favorite. Nick gets a

big pile of cereal for himself. Tim and Nick are eating the cereal. The cereal is crunchy

and sweet. Timothy and Nick eat lots of cereal.  Some of the cereal is falling on the floor.

Some is falling on Tim’s lap.  Nick gets off of his chair and picks up Tim’s cereal for

him.  Timothy eats all of his cereal.


Nick and Timothy are feeling thirsty. Nick says, “Want some water, Tim?”

Timothy does not like water. He likes chocolate milk. Nick opens the dishwasher and gets

2 cups. He puts some water in each cup and takes them to the table. Timothy looks in his

cup. He definitely does not want this water! Nick says, “Do you want milk, Tim?“

Timothy is hoping he will get chocolate milk. Nick opens the refrigerator. He pull out the

gallon of milk, and brings it to the table. Timothy waits to see if he will get chocolate

milk. Nick takes off the lid and pours some milk into Tim’s cup. Only a little spills. Tim

looks into his cup. He sees the milk, but it is not chocolate.  He tries to get off his chair,

but the cup of water and milk spills. Oh no! The milk is everywhere. Timothy is wet.

“You need a towel, Timothy,” says Nick. He opens the drawer and pulls out a towel. Nick

tosses the towel on the spilled water. Timothy is done having his breakfast. He is done

being wet. “Come on Tim, lets’ go”, says Nick. The two brothers leave the kitchen. Nick

and Tim had a great breakfast together. Just wait until Mommy sees what a good job they


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