1st Timothy Book


Timothy Rides a Bus                           by Maren Cecil


Page 1

Timothy is a little boy.  He likes chocolate milk, and graham crackers. He has blue eyes and brown hair.

Page 2

Timothy goes to school. When the big yellow bus pulls up in front of his house, Mommy yells, “BUS!” Then Timothy knows that the bus is here.

Page 3

Mommy helps Timothy put on his blue coat. Timothy likes putting on his coat. Timothy does not like his hat. The hat is too fuzzy, and when he wears it, he can’t feel his hair. Mommy makes Timothy wear the hat. She says in a big voice, “Hat ON, Timothy, hat ON.” When Mommy says, ‘Hat On’, Timothy smiles. He is wearing the hat, but he knows the bus lady will let him take it off when he’s all buckled in.


Page 4

Mommy holds one of Timothy’s hands when he goes down the stairs. He goes slowly so he won’t fall. He holds on to the railing with his other hand. He likes the railing. It is cool and metallic and makes him feel happy.

Page 5

Timothy likes to walk on the sidewalk by himself. The bus is very close now. It is big and loud. He looks up into the bus, the bus ladies are smiling.

Page 6

The first step is the biggest. Timothy needs Mommy’s help to get onto the bus. Then, Timothy can climb the rest of the steps by himself. He is smiling. He is happy to get on the bus.

Page 7

When Timothy gets to the top step, he turns around and waits.  “Come on Timothy,” the bus lady says, but Timothy waits.

Page 8

What is Timothy waiting for? A kiss! Mommy comes to the top of the bus steps and asks, “Timothy, do you want a kiss?” Timothy smiles. He does want a kiss. Mommy holds the sides of Timothy’s face and gives him a million kisses all over! Timothy laughs and laughs.  He loves those things!

Page 8

Bus lady smiles and takes Timothy’s hand.  Now he is ready to sit in his seat. Mommy waves and calls, “Bye bye! Mommy loves you Timbo-cutie pants!”  Timothy wants to wave, but his hands are still. Timothy loves his Mommy and she knows it, even if he can’t wave.

Page 9

The bus starts to move. Timothy likes to feel the bus moving. If he puts his mouth on the window frame, he can tell the bus is moving.  There are a lot of things moving out of the window of the bus.

Page 10

Riding the bus makes Timothy feel like singing, so he makes up a song. “OOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, OOH, OOH, OOH” The bus lady pats Timothy’s leg, “Are you singing Tim? That’s a nice song.” Timothy stops singing for a minute to listen to the bus lady, then he sings some more. “OOOOOOOH, OOOOOH OOH OOOOOOOO!”

Page 11

The bus stops moving and the bus lady says, “Here we are at school!” Timothy wiggles in his buckle, he is ready to get off the bus. Timothy starts to feel unhappy, he wants to get out of his buckle and go to school. It seems like it’s taking a long time.

Page 12

Finally, it’s Timothy’s turn to be unbuckled. His school teacher is waiting to help him get off the bus. Timothy is smiling again. He sure likes riding the bus!

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