How to make a Sock Snowman

In the past, many of my “how-to’s” have been less than helpful. Hopefully, this one is more helpful. Although, I have to say, if your life has sunk down to a place where a sock snowman can help you, you might want to call in a professional. Or, call me and I will tease you. 💚 I got the idea for sock snowmen by looking at pictures on Pinterest.

So, here’s how I made a sock snowman.

You will need:

A sock. I thought a nice, white bobby sock was the best choice. I sent someone to the store to get some, it turns out they do not have them at Shopko, but yes to Target.

Rice. About 2 cups per snowman. I tried fiberfill, but it’s too lightweight. The dang things just kept tipping over. I remembered how my girls used to make rice pillows to heat up in the microwave for heaven knows what reason, and I thought rice seemed like the best thing. And it was! I am wondering if beans would work. Maybe I’ll try it out, but they may be to lumpy.

Rubber bands. Now, if you run a daycare, you likely have 1000 rubber bands on hand. If not, come get some from me. You will need two for this.

Piece of fabric. I used a piece approximately 10-12″ long and 1″ wide. I used some leftover from some fat quarters I had, but I like the idea of fleece. It sounds cozy.

Something to make a face with. I used sharpies for mass production, but sewed on tiny beads for a special present.

I’m going to show you pictures, and hopefully you will get the idea.

One pair of size large kids bobby socks from Target, fill with 2 C of rice.

Use two rubberbands. Neck one, only wrap twice. Hat one, wrap multiple times

Sit the little guy up and adjust fullness as necessary

Fold the sock down, leaving a small amount of space for a face. This may take a few tries to get exactly the look you want.

I added pink cheeks. Because that makes so much sense….

Then I got the idea to add a pom-pom!

After I wrapped yarn around my 4 fingers, I threaded a piece of yard through the 2 middle fingers to tie the pom-pom

Slide it off your fingers, and cut the loops

after I cut the loops, I trimmed the pom-pom and evened it up

I tied the pom-pom on, but you can also hot glue or sew it on

To make the couple, I just put cheeks and a pompom on one and tied a ribbon around them both, altho, in real life, there is no way I would share a scarf….

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