Birthday Rules

♪This month is such a special one, it’s birthday time for me!♫

That’s right! It’s my birthday!  Well, on Sunday. I will be 43.

Birthdays are fun, if you do them right, and don’t worry right away about how old you will be. Here are some of

Maren’s Birthday Tips for Women:

1. Tell everyone. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s not like you’re advertising your weight. And most people with eyeballs are pretty much able to guess your age anyway. You’re not fooling anyone.

2. Buy a present. Here is where a lot of you go wrong, waiting for kids, or men, or coworkers, or cats (you know who you are….) to buy you a present. Let’s face it, who knows you better than you? And who knows best that you have had your eye on that snazzy skirt from Kohl’s or those fabulous earrings in the mall? Men cannot buy good presents. They can buy cake (don’t count on this, always have backup), they can buy flowers (but maybe you want them to save the flower card for when they’re in trouble) and they can buy crap. Co-workers are just going to give you a basket of bath crap, and what are they really trying to say to you anyway?  Kids will usually color a picture, and ruin your day. What I’m saying is, they can do whatever, but you BUY YOURSELF A GOOD PRESENT.

3. Eat whatever you want. Everyone know birthday calories don’t count. So, even if you are typically pretty strict with yourself, cut yourself a break on this one day. Seriously!

4.Bring Maren a treat:) I think this one pretty much explains itself:)

5. Listen to My Favorite Birthday Song:









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