Bag Balm Mishap

So, did you happen to notice our new page?  The donate to DInsteins page?  If everyone Lynn knows gives her just ten dollars, her DI team would earn enough to go to their Global Competition!

Okay, enough of the fundraising, I sound like PBS, don’t I?  PBS on telethon day when you really want them to stop talking and get back to your regularly scheduled programing.  So, back to our regularly scheduled programming we will go.

Guess what Miss 2 did!

A few weeks ago, I tried to give Tiny Baby some dairy.  I have slowly been trying to introduce her to cheese and a little yogurt to see how she does.   She has had a hard time with nursing when I drink milk, so I have been off dairy (in a lackadaisical sort of way) for months.  (seriously, no ice cream for months and months… perhaps that is why I have been a little more cranky.) I think I gave her too much yogurt and she came down with some serious diaper rash.  I’ve noticed in the past that Tiny Baby’s sensitive skin prevents regular diaper cream from working.  I used several different brands (bought, stolen, and borrowed) but they don’t help her.  (wow, she’s sounding kind of tricky isn’t she…. no dairy. . . sensitive skin. . . she’s a high maintenance little woman!)  After getting some advice from my sisters (of course!), I finally decided to try some Bag Balm on her.  (It worked great, by the way. I would totally recommend it!)

When I was using the Bag Balm it occurred to me that the lid on that little green box comes off pretty easily.  ‘I need to keep this box away from Miss 2,’ I thought to myself. 

(ha ha, you see where this is going now, don’t you!)

After a few days of nothing happening, I forgot my warning to myself (of course I did)Last night I got home from taking Miss 8 to ballet and I noticed that Miss 2 looked kind of  .  . .  . . . .well, kind of . . . . . wrong.  Dirtier than usual.  I eyed her.  ‘Are you wet?’  I asked her.  No decipherable answer was forthcoming so then I felt her. 

She wasn’t wet.  She was greasy.  And soft.

My Dear Husband walked into the room.  He saw me eyeballing Miss 2 and said, “Bag Balm.  Smells like Bag Balm.”  In an instant I remembered my warning to myself and went rushing into Tiny Baby’s room to survey for damages.

This story actually has a surprisingly happy ending.

I couldn’t find much damage!  I felt the carpet and looked around for a pile of slimy Bag Balm stuck to the crib, blanket, or rocking chair, and I found nothing.  I was suspicious until I spotted a little pile of super gross wadded up yellowy diaper wipes. Then it all became clear to me.

It appeared that since Miss 2 hates for her hands to be dirty, that after she smeared Bag Balm all over herself she used wipes to clean her hands, thus minimizing the damage and the clean up for me!  Hurray!  A quick bath and she was clean and off to her bed! 

Wasn’t that lucky???

It could have been soooo much worse. 


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