Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday’s have generally been a pretty crazy day around here, but with the change of the year and the semester, today anyway is starting pretty quietly. At this moment, there are 3 little girls coloring at the kitchen table. None of them are mine, which reminds me of what I was thinking yesterday.

At the baby shower, a girl was saying how weird it was to be in a different life situation after the same one for however many years. The conversation was generally about how she’d been in college, and was now married and expecting a baby. Another girl was saying how strange it was to go from one baby and college life to 3 kids and the mom-home-dad-works life. A third person chimed in with her situation which is that she is done having kids, and her last child is now toilet trained. No more diapers for her! (That last comment sort of brought a moment of reverent silence from the moms just starting the diaper-days.)

Of course I kept my mouth shut. Why the ‘of course’? I was the third oldest woman in the room, with only one other woman (my MIL) having children older than mine.  I was the only person in the room who does daycare, has a disabled child, and a stay at home husband.

I contemplated this.


(I’m thinking)

Ok, so life is twisty, right? Sometimes they are nice gentle curves, and sometimes you find yourself taking hairpin turns at 70 mph on 2 wheels. It’s easy to think, wherever you are on the road, that the people just starting out have NO CLUE what they are in for. And, it’s tempting to tell them. Except, they don’t care. AND they don’t believe you. They think because they are so smart, awesome, cool and in love that there is no possible way they could veer OFF the road and be (metaphorically) barreling through a corn field in a convertible with the top down. (Aren’t some days seriously like that?)

Life is a highway, and I want to ride it, all night long…


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  1. Loretta Park says:

    Oh you got that right! I think “Life” just waits until you click on cruise control and then drops a brick wall in front of you, so you end up traveling at a high speed through some dark forest not knowing if everything is going to turn out OK. It eventually does and so much better than you could have planned it.

  2. Kirstine Rash says:

    It is easier to take those hairpin turns if you are on a motorcycle. A little more disconcerting if you happen to have a big family along in a full sized van.

  3. Mary says:

    Welcome to my corn field! Love your metaphors Maren. You have a gift for writing. Hope you and family are doing well.

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