The Death theme for Preschool?

So, I have thoughtfully researched and planned an appropriate curriculum for my tiny emerging preschool. I have spent hours reading developmental crapola, taking classes on childcare and perusing preschool themes online.

Last week the theme was Trees. The activities planned included collecting leaves for a leaf collage, looking at pictures of trees, coloring trees and talking about diciduous versus evergreen trees.  We had leaf/Autumn songs. I even had the word ‘clorophyll’ on retainer, and a book for children explaining the process. What a good daycare momma I am!:)

Enter children:

Monday: Blair took the kids to the park to collect leaves. We looked at the different shapes and talked about different kinds of trees.

Me: Not every tree has the same kind of leaf, they have different shapes and colors. Some trees stay green all year.

5 yr old girl: My cat died.

(her cat died before I met her, over 3 years ago)

3 yr old girl: That’s sad

Me: yes, that’s sad. See how this leaf is yellow and this leaf is orange?

3 yr old boy: I don’t have a pet. But I know someone who died.

3 yr old girl: Who died?

boy: I don’t know.

Me: Let’s start gluing the leaves to our trees!

5 yr old girl: These leaves fell off the trees?

Me: yes

5yr old girl: They are dead. Just like my cat.

3 yr old girl: Your cat died? That’s sad. Very, very sad.

Me: Yes, it’s sad, but today we are going to work on trees.

Then things took off. 5 wanted to know where her cat was. The 3’s wanted to know if our cat was going to die. 3 yr old girl wanted to know if she was going to die. Then they started asking me if I had a grandma and if she was dead.

Now, I like to be truthful to children, and answer their questions simply and honestly, but HONESTLY! Sheesh!

I finally said that everything dies, including plants and animals, and yes, people. Most people get very very old before they die, and it’s not something we have to worry about.

Next day I get a text from 3 yr old girl’s mom. 3 yr old girl went home and told her mom that she (3 yr old girl) was going to die and that the mom would be very very sad, but there was nothing she could do about it, since everyone is going to die.

Then, a few days later, 3 yr old girl’s grandma comes to visit and is informed that she (gma) is going to die because she is a grandma and that means she is old and close to dead.


This week we are doing Pumpkins. If one of them asks where babies come from, I’m outta here.


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3 Responses to The Death theme for Preschool?

  1. Kori says:

    Hilarious. Ethan has recently become obsessed with death. He tells me on a daily basis that he will miss me when I go live with Jesus.

  2. Melody says:

    Funny!! All you needed to add is that the taco truck man will die someday too, to complete the circle of preschool life. 😉

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