Random Ramblings, and A Couple of Funny (but not about me) Stories

Hey Guys! How was your weekend? I saw a couple of movies, and did some laundry.

I would love to share the story here of how Blair got a spider on him at church yesterday and then how he (mostly reverently) freaked out and threw that spider at the people in front of us, and then how they were jumping all around, trying to get rid of the spider, then find it and smash it, but I usually only tell funny stories about Blair to people’s faces. The internet is different, don’t you think? So I guess I also won’t tell about the time there was a huge spider in our very-tiny-first-house bathroom and to get away from it, Blair was standing on the toilet while I searched for  and squashed the 8 legged crawly. *smiling* Which reminds me of the time he saw a mouse on the loveseat he was sitting on…he literally never sat on that thing ever again (the loveseat, not the mouse)

On the other hand, he DOES touch snakes. And plumbing. I guess we all have our ‘things’.

I suppose my real post should be about how silly I thought one of the movies was, and why in the world did someone think that a Giant-Alien-Robots-From-Space movie based on a toy was a good idea and how the heck did that chinless actor get the main part? Although, in his defense, if someone had to do it, I guess it may as well have been him. AND why the heck we paid money (but not too much, $3 each) to watch Giant-Toys named Bumblebee in a movie.

Speaking of Bumblebees, did you know Blair got stung (a couple of years ago) on the neck by a wasp? And it didn’t even leave a mark! It hurt him for like 5 minutes, and he was like, Darn it! And then, he was fine. If a wasp stung me, I’d need an epi-pen and if it stung me on the neck, I’d probably die…first of the heebie jeebies and then of anaphalactic shock.

We saw another movie this weekend. (The only reason we saw two is that there is a discount theatre here and you can buy the tickets online and pick your seat. So, for 12 dollars, we saw two movies. Nice!) The second movie was called, Super 8. I liked it. It had zombies and aliens, but somehow, it all made sense:) I recommend it:)

I gotta go. The school nurse just called (can that happen? Your child’s school calls BEFORE they even START?)  and said Jessica needs her Dtap before she can start school, and the pediatrician’s receptionist said if I get our fannies over to the office before noon, I can get her (Jessica, not the receptionist) shot today. So, I guess we’ve been handed our assignments.

Did I mention school starts next Monday??:)


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3 Responses to Random Ramblings, and A Couple of Funny (but not about me) Stories

  1. Wow…you really have lots going on in your head today. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one. I’m glad you got to go out and I’m glad I can read your blog posts. They make me smile.

    Crazed Momma

  2. Kirstine Rash says:

    Was this at the Movies 8? I didn’t see that Transformers or Super 8 was there

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