I want to be a dinosaur digger when I grow up!

We did do a fun project last week.  Miss 8 got to pretend she was an archaeologist.   



Doesn’t that look like fun?  She was digging away all day long.  Her sisters were entranced by her finds.  I was able to get a lot of “mom” work done, without the guilt of kids glued to the tv set.  It was a winning situation for all of us!

I have a friend (Jillian the *wonderful*) who created a project like this for her kiddos.  She used some Plaster of Paris and a bag of tiny plastic dinosaurs.  I actually meant to use her idea (until mom-in-law bought this kit for Miss 8’s birthday) and still may for future dinosaur digs.  Just in case you have a dino-loving child or loved one, here’s a link to the kit:


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