Quiz: Are you a good mom?

Let’s be honest. We are all worried about what kind of mom we are. I am here to clear up all the confusion.

Take this easy quiz to find out what kind of mom you are! Judge your friends! Judge yourself! It’s fun and easy!

Ready? Keep track of your answers, we’ll score the quiz at the end.

1. Your child is on his way to school. He is:

  1.  Wearing clothes that are clean and fit well. You found them folded neatly in his dresser. He has on a pair of matching socks and seasonally appropriate jacket and footwear. His backpack is on and his completed homework is inside.
  2.  Wearing clothes…… they are his brother’s, but they were clean and in the basket, what of it? His socks are the same color.  He has on a jacket. He is wearing footwear. His backpack is on…Holy Crap! Is that his homework on the counter?
  3.  Wearing shorts with boots. You hope he is wearing socks.  You talked him into long sleeves, but his mostly completed homework is in a Walmart bag because his backpack got left in Dad’s car.
  4. Isn’t today Saturday?

2. Your child is hungry. It is dinner time.

  1.  You have prepared a fabulous meal from your Pinterest board which is organic, nutritious, low fat, gluten free and pretty to look at.
  2. You have prepared Tuna Helper and a green salad. You’re planning to sell the salad with Ranch Dressing.
  3. You sent your husband to get tacos. They come with lettuce on them, right?
  4. Your son is eating a cheese stick and watching Scooby Doo on TV. You are eating ice cream.

3. It is bedtime.

  1. Your child is wearing the pajamas you sewed for him from the pattern you found on Pinterest! They turned out so, so, cute!
  2. Your child is wearing pajamas that you found in the laundry basket. The shirt is Superman. The bottoms are Batman. Both DC Comic heroes. You’re good.
  3. Your child is wearing his Power Ranger costume from Halloween to protect himself from the dark.
  4. Your child is afraid of pajamas.

4. It is bathtime.

  1. You have filled the bath with bath toys, fun soap crayons and are standing by with the tear free shampoo and the personalized towel you made from the idea you found on Pinterest.
  2. You have filled the bath with a few matchbox cars and some dinosaurs. You found a clean towel in the dryer. You will be using whatever shampoo you can find.
  3. You have filled the bath with water.  You have a towel.
  4. He’s not that dirty…..

5. Your child’s friends are coming over.

  1. What a great opportunity to try out those fun veggie snacks cut into animal shapes you found on Pinterest. Also, didn’t you pin some super fun and super educational activities for kids?
  2. This is a good chance to catch up on some reading while you watch the kids play.
  3. You hope they can watch a movie and leave you alone.
  4. No, they are not.

6. It’s Sunday. Time for church.

  1. On Saturday, which is the day we get ready for Sunday, you cleaned, pressed and laid out your child’s Sunday Suit. You also have his scriptures in their hand sewn case and his shoes polished. You all arrive at church, on time, looking your best.
  2. On Saturday, you checked to make sure church appropriate, clean clothes were available. You’re pretty sure you saw his shoes under the couch upstairs. You arrive at church on time.
  3. On Saturday, you realized if you didn’t do laundry, your child will have no clean underwear come Sunday. Sunday morning, you turn the dryer on to get the majority of the wrinkles out. You arrive at church.
  4. Isn’t today Saturday?

7. A family vacation.

  1. You have saved and planned for a year to visit a famous national park. You pinned all the best places to go, eat, and stay. You have a binder with everything budgeted, scheduled and organized. The kids and the RV are packed! Let’s go have some fun!
  2. You decide this is the year! Let’s go camping! You load up the car with some sleeping bags and a tent, and head to a scenic spot in the woods to eat hotdogs and s’mores.
  3. Summer got away from you. Fill up the wading pool in the backyard and go out for tacos after.
  4. Family vacation! Next year!

8. Parent/Teacher conferences

  1. You are ready! You have a lovely handmade gift for your child’s teacher. (You got the idea on Pinterest.) You have a list of relevant questions to ask making you seem both involved and well-educated, (you found them on Pinterest), and the perfect outfit to wear! (also Pinterest!) This is going to be awesome!
  2. You are ready. You changed your shirt and can remember your child’s name. You say a quick prayer that your child isn’t failing the third grade and that the teacher won’t judge you too much, to your face.
  3. What? That’s tonight!? Grab your purse and GO MOM!
  4. Isn’t today Saturday?

9. Posting pictures of your child on the internet

  1. Your child is so photogenic and always doing the cutest things! You love recreating fun pictures you found on Pinterest!  The house behind your child is always amazing, thanks to Pinterest!
  2.  You have a cute kid, that’s for sure. Before you snap that pic, make sure the house is clean behind her.
  3. You took a quick picture of your child’s black eye, and are now trying to photoshop the peanut butter off her face before posting it on the internet.
  4. After looking through the pictures on your phone, you hope none of them ever ends up on the internet.

10. Your child’s first haircut.

  1. You researched and then scheduled a haircut at a kid friendly salon and then photographed the experience for Pinterest. You may have saved one of his precious locks for the exquisite, handmade scrapbook you are making for him from ideas you pinned on Pinterest.
  2. The baby has got to get a haircut, he is starting to crash into furniture because he can’t see through the hair. You take him to the neighborhood salon.
  3. You watched a YouTube video and tried to cut it yourself, didn’t you….
  4. Your son is 3 and has better hair than Merida.  Your daughter is never going grow hair. Sigh.



Time to Score!

0-10- You can’t get less than 10. Did you skip questions?

10-15-You spend kind of a lot of time on Pinterest. But, you are a good mom!

15-20-You’re doing a great job mom! You are a good mom.

20-25-Still doing great! You are a good mom!

25-30-Kids are tricky, but you are doing great! Way to go good mom!

30-35-Are you having a tough week? Sometimes it’s hard, but you’re a good mom!

35-40- Today is not Saturday. You are a good mom.

40+-You can’t get more than 40. There are only 10 questions. You are bad at math, but a good mom!

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